Should an attorney hire a Private Investigator? Well, this is a big question for many attorneys who struggle with the thought of having to hire another person to either join and or assist current staffing levels.  Most attorneys do not use investigators for a number of reasons but truly what I am finding is attorneys can be stubborn and believe they can handle their work load by themselves. A lot of attorneys go to work for other seasoned attorneys after law school and gain their practical experience by working for and listening to the people who they believe or experts in the field of law. Of course, I am merely generalizing but if you look at it correctly what is happening is the seasoned attorneys are teaching the younger attorneys how to not only practice law but also how to run a business.  Now then, I am sure we can agree this is true for the most part and what happens is the seasoned attorney conveys to the younger attorney it is their responsibility to do things for themselves and not to rely on others.

Why you may ask? Simply said, the seasoned attorney has been doing it the same way for years and it worked for them is the most logical reasoning I could come up with.  The ole adage of, “It’s not broke why fix it?”  Well, this is a little weak if you were to ask me.  In the year, 2013, many attorneys have turned to hiring investigators to assist them with their cases and by doing so they have seen great results.  Meaning, the attorneys who hire investigators have a better clearance rate and win their cases.  You may ask why is that?  Again, simply said, it is because in today’s world investigators are very intelligent and hold a vast amount of practical experience themselves.  Investigators are normally retired peace officers who have major college and major training under their belt.  Investigators over time have proven their abilities and are now a hot commodity and fewer and fewer are available to take on new cases. is a viable source of investigators who work exclusively for attorneys in many different fields. Investigators who work exclusively for attorneys are truly difficult to retain as they can only hold so many case loads and there are only so many hours in the day.  If you’re an attorney, you may want to ask yourself the question, “Why don’t I hire an investigator?”  It can’t be the money, the client foots the bill not the attorney. In the old days the attorney would foot the bill but this is no longer the case as  all clients pay separately which makes things fair across the board. The investigators give their findings to the attorney and the client so both sides can keep track of the investigators performance.  There are no outside fee’s such as insurance, bonding or expenses as those are all covered by the investigator.  So then, my suggestion would be for any attorney to consider hiring a good reputable investigator to assist with those cases which will  undoubtedly make your workload much easier and most of all it will boost your win rate tremendously.  After all, the investigator does all the work really, all the attorney has to do is identify the fine points of law and represent the client based on the facts or the lack thereof and the investigators findings.  If nothing at all, at least call and speak to an investigator and see what their opinion is about your case, it’s free!

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