Lawyers don’t get it!  That is probably an understatement and the reason I say this is because lawyers can be so darn headed.  In order to have a viable business, you must have a website that ranks well, and has organic traffic at the very least.  Now then, most lawyers do not realize it is the internet where people search for lawyers.  They no longer open up the yellow pages and look at all the colorful ads.  They go on the internet and search for people in their respective areas.  We are building as we speak and already  have several orders from smart lawyers who know how it works and what has to be done to be seen.  I will not go on and on here….I think you get the idea.  If you are not link building with other websites it will be more and more difficult to be seen on the internet. is a great site for lawyers who want to build a dynamic website that works and will surely allow people to find you on the internet.  We look at lawyer websites all day and most of them have little or no content and will never be found by anyone…well maybe one or two…but other than that it will serve no purpose.  Take a look at although it is in its beginning stages, you can see it come alive and you will see when it launches how valuable it will be for any lawyer.  Yes, is building the website.  Are you a lawyer who gets it?  Or, are you the one who still doesn’t get it?  Either way, we certainly wish you the best but please ask if you have any questions, we have assisted many lawyers to get on the right track with their businesses…it is your investment…..invest in it and believe in it!

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