Police have identified an unusual movement in where police patrol people are experiencing uneasiness in their decision making.  Meaning, they’ve began a work slow down and are not in sch a big hurry to be the first one to any given emergency call.  Moreover, they’re second guessing themselves not only before handling emergency situations but during as well.  This is what is called the “Ferguson Affect” and although people do not want to believe it; it is true.  Yes, this is devastating for the police but can you really blame them?  They do not want to be fired, prosecuted or blackballed from their jobs, especially when “Black Lives Matter” thugs become involved and scream in the streets.  Yes, all lives matter, but we won’t go there for now.  So then, what is happening is lawyers too are experiencing the “Ferguson Affect” because they do not want to represent police officers, nor do they want to represent black lives matter thugs.

Basically, the lawyer is stuck and must evaluate their reputation and definitely use equilibrium in deciding on whether or not to take a particular clients case.  This ripple affect is something which was created out of hysteria within Ferguson during the civil unrest of thug type protests.  Never before, has America seen such protests as they did in Ferguson.  American people were appalled they protests were allowed to go and on and on with the a media frenzy blasting out propaganda over and over.  Many Americans believe Obama tried to make it a history event to modeled after Selma, Mississippi, back by none other than Al Sharpton, a so-called activist for black lives matter.  No matter what you believe, it is apparent this dinky city called Ferguson is full of opportunist and the likelihood of it ever recovering will be forever daunting.

Even if the entire police force in Ferguson was to be comprised of all black officers, the city will forevermore be corrupt as no officer will be safe from corruption from within as city officials will bend rules over and over. Therefore, lawyers have been caught in the middle of these conflicts and only can comment of what they’ve seen on the television set but most media outlets have distorted the truth as they tend to shape our worldly view. Please do not give up hope on our police they’re really all we have in life and after that there is nobody else to keep civil unrest from happening.  We all saw what the National Guard did; nothing.  Please feel free to add your comments as we welcome your thoughts.

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