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Welcome to the digital age, where Minutes Depot is a must for anyone starting a new venture. The idea of online Corporate Records Book can be overwhelming for some, especially for those who have little or no experience with it. My advice has always been to read as much as you can before jumping into the field; however, that would take decades based on all the information available online. “Ultimately it’s not about the number of tools but rather the selection of the right tools suited for your start up.  “It makes sense to be frugal during the startup phase but making a point to allocate a budget toward the proper management tools is better for clients, employees and ultimately your bottom line. I see most Entrepreneurs make the mistake of using a slew of low cost tools and software as service platforms to accomplish every little component of their offerings. Those tools have seemingly no end, and new ones are always popping up. Minutes Depot has a solution, team up with us! Our automation suite and internal task management to quickly create and share an online Corporate Records Book, without any special skills and for a fraction of the price of a professional and is necessary for any start up to run smoothly.”

Consistency is a key ingredient to a successful Entrepreneur start up strategy. This means Minutes Depot will provide entrepreneurs with a sense of reliability through a trusted SaaS platform to comply with business laws by generating and managing all required legal documents such as By-Laws, Shareholders resolutions, corporate minutes and resolutions and so on without having to pay high attorney fees. Remember start ups can be tricky and not all start ups have large funds to work with, so Minutes Depot creates many opportunities for a target market in order to keep the costs down to an affordable monthly fee of only $25. Your brand is important and our professional services are the perfect solution right here at your fingertips! Most consumers today rely on the web to find information they need to make decisions. So, an online Corporate Records Book often will be a consumer’s first impression of that business.  Undecided consumers who are researching their options might check out other online presence more than once. When they come back to Minutes Depot , seeing something new and relevant makes their visit a better experience — and shows that the brand is a professional organization at a very reasonable low cost.

Amplify your authority

By utilizing, Minutes Depot, you have now put together a batch of good insights, posts, data, concepts or other types of  legal branding for the protection of your start up. The Solution is user friendly so the entrepreneurs can use it without special skills or legal knowledge.  You are becoming something of an authority on the subject, but probably an authority few people know. This is the time to lean on, Minutes Depot, who knows business and are  skilled at saving you money versus hiring an attorney and or law firm. Minutes Depot, are amazing at is generating and managing all required legal documents.

Why Entrepreneurs Need a Corporate Records Book

Minutes Depot, reminds you of these simple concepts that most all start ups assert in their online business.  Meaning, you surely will use all or some of the six concepts. We bring this up because you will need a Corporate Records Book. Most start ups cannot afford an attorney and or law firm but we can tell you these six concepts are what brings down start ups across the world when there is no protection.

  1. Video: Do you upload or download, you’d better be careful! YouTube is a social network that comes with a pre-loaded community just waiting to see how your business can inform and entertain them, but many are copyrighted and or trademarked.  Facebook has also made a huge push toward video the past few months.
  2. Photography: This includes stock photos, but it also encompasses photos that you can take of yourself, your company and your team. This type of photography can add an incredibly personal element to your digital marketing.
  3. Infographics: I’m convinced that your average consumer won’t appreciate data unless it’s laid out in an infographic format. Chances are, your business has some form of data that it can use to engage and captivate your audience. Put it to good use with an infographic.
  4. Screenshots: As a digital entrepreneur, I do a lot of mind maps, workflows and product designs that could benefit my audience. Instead of putting together something fancy, sometimes a simple screenshot will suffice.
  5. Memes: Not everyone is funny. If you’re not, that’s OK. But for entrepreneurs that can wield humor well, don’t be afraid to jump on board with Minutes Depot.
  6. Graphics: These are miscellaneous graphics and vectors that often work well as featured images, quote photos or other visuals that complement your content.y

Certainly, you get my point right?  I mean if you look at it like we do here at Minutes Depot, you can see we have your best interests at heart and are willing to provide you with a low cost way to get started so you can have a piece of mind. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of not investing in their own brand but later down the line find out it is a necessary evil. With nearly 600 customers at the end of 2016 sales are expected to triple in the first quarter of 2017. At the end of December all of Canada’s Provinces were included in the document generator and the co-founders are now ready to expand throughout the United States. That’s just the harsh truth. As an entrepreneur, it’s important to play to your strengths while being keenly aware of your weaknesses. You know what will work for your brand and what won’t. Minutes Dépôt allows companies to discard bulky and space consuming minute books by storing them online, using a platform that ensures the highest industry standards for security. Talking about security, well in today’s world it is imperative firewalls and hacker proof software be written in the code to give the best protection possible is something we can hang our hat on. Come join up with us as hundreds of other entrepreneur start ups have.  “There is no terror in a bang, only in the anticipation of it!” Alfred Hitchcock. 

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