Police lose control

Attention lawyers!  This video is one you should pay close attention to.  Here is a police officer who is on duty conducting a traffic stop minding his own business when he is approached by a man carrying a firearm exposed on his side wielding a video camera.  Now then, although apparently in the State of New Mexico you may carry an unloaded firearm exposed this is a clear example of someone who should have been arrested.  The man who walked up to the traffic stop should have been stopped immediately and proned out on the ground. The officer had every right to do this.  Instead the officer shewed the man off.  Thereafter, the officer stops the man walking and demands/asks for identification.  I am not familiar with the laws in the State of New Mexico but I can tell you in the State of California he would have surrendered his identification forthwith.  I believe this is a clear violation of law as it relates to the interference of a police while in the capacity of his official duties.  I would have arrested the man for just that.  As lawyer do you agree? His right and or authority as a U.S. citizen to carry an open firearm is not the issue.  The issue is he intentionally, purposefully and willfully approached the police officer while the officer was conducting official police business.  The police failed here and should have been more aggressive in speaking with the man.  The police again have been scared off by the video camera…not the gun…the video camera.  Probably a lack of training as it relates to “open carry” but nevertheless…it is a shame the police backed down… As a lawyer would you agree?