Selling Domain Names on Facebook II

So, we meet again!  Starting off fresh here, I wanted you to know a few extra items of interest that you should surely be aware of.  Please do not attempt to use luck  when purchasing a domain name on Facebook.  Here is an example:  Yesterday, in-fact, I nearly purchased a .gy domain name from a friend of mine of whom I trust but never met personally.  I met him on my forum at FreeDomainForum he resides in a different country and is the owner of a registrar in his country.  Cutting to the chase here, I nearly purchased a .gy for a mere $200.00 from him but before I made the purchase on the agreed amount, I asked him if it was transferable to my preferred registrar which is  He was not sure, so he checked and found that it was not transferable.  Of course, there was no need for me to check as he had already answered the question and it was a moot issue.  But the story here is this, before you buy a domain name from any re-seller on Facebook ask them a couple of  questions first, such as:

  • What is the name of the registrar the domain is currently parked at?
  • Can the domain actually be transferred?  Sometimes if it is a newly acquired domain name it may take up to 60 days before it can be transferred.
  • Check with your own registrar to see if any additional fee’s will transpire.
  • Definitely check the in order to see if the seller is the actual owner.  If the Whois is set to private, have the seller go in and take a “Snap Shot” of the domain manager page in which the domain exists and then have the seller send you a copy. This will reveal a date/time stamp and ipn for reference, too, there is a digital dispatched document of the page.

If you do the very things I suggested, it should help guide you with a smooth transaction.  If you do not implement the suggested references then  you surely are playing with fire.  Remember, not everyone is completely honest and there are the criminal element who love to prey on you and I.  You must take these simple steps to protect yourself!  You have to protect yourself as in life nobody will do it for you!  I am here to help and I am not always right so please use due diligence when you make your domain purchase.  Oh, let me say this as well, Facebook is a great place to buy and sell despite this story….I just want to put you in cautionary mode, so don’t be to worried there only a few crooks out there trying to dupe you…it has been my experience they always get caught…until then…Kev