Hello! Once again, my friends we have come together in order to gain additional insight on streaming domain names. Currently, It looks like I have headed for live auction starting Oct. 16h-19th, 2011, of course the list is only a tentative list only to be confirmed by Oct. 1st. is hosting one of the best live auctions ever to hit the mainstream of the domain industry. For more details about the auction please visit for the location, times and dates for reservations. Investors and buyers from around the world will enjoy bidding on some of the top names ever to be offered for sale to the open market.

The auction industry is a billion dollar industry with bidding going on all around us. The internet is jam packed with bidding auctions. So then, what does this really mean? Well, if you look at it like I do then I’am sure you would agree. Internet bidding auctions are merely electronic websites wherein a member signs up and views the bidding on the site. What is evolving is streaming bids live to your smartphone so you can view it wherever you may go or be at any given time.

Once the bid is streamed you can too send it via: SMS/text it to your friend, buyer or employer as an example. The consumer demands to be informed and streaming bids is the perfect domain name for any business that has the savvy to accept the fact streaming is the viable way of the future. Let’s look at a few websites who offer online auction bidding, shall we?

I would like to take this opportunity to let you in on some insight about streaming domain names. If you haven’t noticed there is an underground frenzy of domainers who have come to know the secrets of streaming domain names. The concept is nothing new, it has been on the internet for literally years and years. What has changed? Well, the reason things have changed is because of technology and now that we have smartphones this makes up part of the theory. If in-fact my theory proves to be correct then I am a winner if not then I am the same ole domainer I once was.

Now then, let’s look at what can be streamed over the internet. I will dumb it down a bit so you can see where I am coming from with my theory. Yes, you can stream video/videos! Moreover, you can stream images/pictures and or information as well. Just think, if you have a website with the name, well you could have all your products imaged and ready to stream to your customers with all your sales during the holidays. It is a sure winner. But really, so what, anyone could do that right? Sure, they could and you can do it with almost anything.

Every veteran domainer will tell you that 2,3 and 4 word domain names are becoming increasingly popular and quite valuable as well. Companies are snapping up domain names left and right in the tune of millions of dollars. Streaming domains are hot sellers and there are plenty left to hand register as well. Take a look at your television commercials, have you heard the word, “streaming?” I hear the word streaming daily on commercials and news casts. This is called being a household name. Once streaming sinks in your head you too will be a believer as well. No, not all streaming domain names will sell but if you take your time and make them make sense you will see you have an honest chance at making a profit. Why? It is because, everyone will be streaming, especially companies. They will all stream their products to the consumer via: internet to the smartphone. Here are a few articles which may help convince you for this now and future trending domain name, “streaming!”

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