Travis County D.A. Lehmberg Arrested For D.W.I.

Yes, unfortunately Travis County D.A. Lehmberg was arrested and convicted for D.W.I.  D.A. Lehmberg allegedly was found in a church parking lot inside her car with an open container of an alcoholic beverage and was ultimately arrested by the police.  It actually sounds pretty weak to me, after all maybe it was communion?  I don't know, however, for whatever reason she plead guilty and received 45 days in jail, which to me is very steep but most like because she is a District Attorney.  However, it is a mere misdemeanor and still 45 days is like a death sentence for a District Attorney.  If you watch the video you can clearly see D.A. Lehmberg's behavior while in-custody but remember this, supposedly she was intoxicated.  Either way, she refuses to step down as a D.A. and has caused Governor Rick Perry some stress as he threatens her office with veto power of funding if she does not step down.

Jumping forward, …

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