Defense Lawyers win the Zimmerman case hands down!  Why?  Simply put the prosecution did not have a case to begin with and should have never brought forth such charges.  Even the veteran police chief who was terminated under pressure to arrest Zimmerman held his own as a true policeman should and refused to arrest Zimmerman.  Yes, it is all a sad state of affairs when you look at the circumstances and say to yourself this did not have to happen and it could have been prevented.  However, as life would have it things did not play our well for Trayvon Martin and he suffered the fatal consequences for his action.. Will the federal authorities go after Zimmerman?  Well, that shall be seen but again if you look at the media news analysts you will see they too believe the government does not have a case.  What are your thoughts on the subject?  Should Zimmerman be prosecuted for federal civil rights violations?  Please let us know what you think…. should Al Sharpton even be a voice?

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